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UAV Aircraft Design

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Unmanned/Uninhabited Air Vehicles - the Next Big Thing

For those specializing in the design of unmanned aircraft (UAV, UCAV, target drones, and the like), Dr. Raymer offers a three-day UAV Aircraft Design class. This summarizes the relevant portions of the Aircraft Design Short Course and adds additional material on UAV design, operations, and history.

The UAV in the illustration below-left was designed, built, and flown by the participants in an extended version of this class which was taught in-house at Boeing by Dr. Raymer. To the right is the USAF Kratos/CEi BQM-167, for which Dr. Raymer was Aircraft Conceptual Design consultant.

This class can be augmented with an additional day of up-to-the-minute presentations from other lecturers who are involved in current UAV design and operation such as the Global Hawk and the BQM-167.

Not currently scheduled for Public Presentation. Note that much of the material in the UAV aircraft design course is covered in the 5-day Aircraft Design Short Course

IN-HOUSE OFFERINGS: Contact Conceptual Research Corporation for a price quote and schedule availability.

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Course Outline

Lecture One: Introduction, historical overview, current UAVís. Case Study: UAV Design-Build-Fly
Lecture Two: UAV roles and missions, requirements definition, command and control, avionics overview.
Lecture Three: Aircraft conceptual design methods, preliminary sizing, takeoff/landing options. Case Study: Design of Global Hawk
Lecture Four: UAV structure and manufacturing concepts. UAV subsystems and operations. Case Study: BQM-167 Skeeter.
Lecture Five: UAV design analysis including aerodynamics, weights, propulsion, range, and performance analysis.
Lecture Six: Cost analysis & optimization methods. Case Study: RAND Tactical UAV notional design

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