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Executive Short Course in Aircraft Conceptual Design and Requirements Definition

The intensive overview course for managers, engineers, and contract officers

This 8-hour executive short course summarizes the material presented in Dan Raymer's Popular 5-day Aircraft Conceptual Design Short Course with emphasis on the overall process of aircraft design and the definition and evaluation of design requirements. Topics include:

Definition and sources of design requirements
Developing an aircraft design in response to requirements
Analyzing it for aerodynamics, propulsion, structure, weights, stability, cost, and performance (quick methods)
Calculation of range or sizing to a specified mission
Trade Studies and optimization
Management of aircraft design projects
loft A recent executive class participant says...
"This is just to convey that I and other participants found your one-day seminar here most interesting and valuable. I have never before heard so much interesting experiences and project wisdom summarized and packed into one day ! " Anders Gustafsson, Director, Vehicle Technologies & Aeronautics Programmes, FOI (Stockholm, Sweden)

Custom Short Courses

CRC can provide custom versions of the courses described here, including one-day executive summaries and full classes focused on the needs of your organization. For example, at the request of NASA-Glenn, a Hypersonic Aircraft Design class was prepared incorporating material from the Aircraft and Spacecraft design classes, and combined with a hands-on design lab in which NASA engineers designed two hypersonic technology demonstrators.

Contact Conceptual Research Corporation (310-577-3773) for price and schedule availability for an executive or custom in-house short course.

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