An important message to those sending email to
Conceptual Research Corporation or Daniel Raymer

[spam] If you use a spam blocking filter or a spam blocking service such as Earthlink's, I don't blame you a bit! I get over 300 spams a day since my email address is on this website and the spammers, may they rot you-know-where, are now smart enough to get around the little tricks I use to hide it.

However, some spam filters and services require the person sending an email to log on to a website and answer some questions before the message is sent to the intended recipient. This takes time; about 5-10 minutes in my experience. If you send me an email from which you'd like a response, don't expect me to take this time in addition to the time it takes me to answer your letter! I get 5-10 such requests a day and always answer them myself.

So, if you have a spam filter and send me an email from which you'd like a response, PLEASE - take the needed steps yourself to put @ on the "not-a-spammer" list!

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