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PRICE AND TERMS: RDSwin-Professional is distributed by Conceptual Research Corporation on a one-time site-license basis. A yearly-lease option is also available. On-site training is available at extra charge, as is programming support to interface RDS to other design, analysis, and simulation programs. Pricing is as follows:

     One-time Site license (includes printed user's manual)
      Per Copy -               $19,600*
      Additional Copies -      $ 8,400
      Subsequent major upgrades are available at 25% of the current one-time site license fee 
            (maintenance upgrades are free)

      (*a $500 discount is available to customers who pay by wire transfer or validated check, 
            and do not impose additional paperwork to obtain payment)

     Yearly Lease Option: 30% of current site license price (all upgrades provided free)

     Support Contract   -    		 $2,200/year
     On-site Installation & Training -	 $4,000 plus travel expenses (CONUS)

     Plus $80 shipping/handling and applicable sales or national taxes
      (A processing fee may be applied if customer requires additional purchase or billing paperwork) 
     California residents add 8.75%   

To order RDSwin-Professional, please send check or money order to: Conceptual Research Corporation
PO Box 5429, Playa del Rey, CA 90296-5429, USA
phone: 310 577-3773 fax: 818 743-7483

Email to Conceptual Research Corporation to request additional information, a purchase invoice, or bank routing information to pay by wire transfer.

Notice: With proper inputs the RDS results seem to track well with actual aircraft performance, but neither Conceptual Research Corporation nor Daniel P. Raymer assume any responsibility for consequential losses associated with the use of RDS in any manner. Other restrictions apply, and are detailed in the license agreement below.

Updated 4-15
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1. Conceptual Research Corporation and Daniel P. Raymer ("the purveyors") provide this documentation and the accompanying diskette for use "as-is" and without any expressed or implied warranty as to accuracy or fitness for any use. The purveyors do not warrant or guarantee the use, or the results of the use, of the software or documentation in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability, currentness, merchantability, or fitness for any purpose, and assume no responsibility for errors, omissions, or damage, including without limitation damages caused by the use of this computer program or from the use of information contained therein. The entire risk and performance of the accompanying software is assumed by the user. In no event shall Conceptual Research Corporation, Daniel P. Raymer, or anyone else involved in the creation, production, distribution, and support of this software be liable for direct, indirect, special, or consequential damages, nor for any costs or expenses associated with implementing the software to perform any specific purpose, nor for claims by you based upon third-party claims. Conceptual Research Corporation warrants the program and the diskettes on which the program is provided only to be free of material defects that would prevent loading the software on the user's computer system and running the program. NO OTHER WARRANTY, REPRESENTATION, OR CONDITION IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED.
2. This software is licensed SOLELY for use in aircraft conceptual design, and may not be used for final design or analysis of existing, modified, or new actual aircraft, including but not limited to the prediction of aerodynamic, weight, propulsion, stability, cost, range, and performance characteristics. No data produced by this software may be used for prediction of flight characteristics of actual aircraft, and this software may not be used to produce flight handbooks or any other information to be used for flight of actual aircraft. Purchaser assumes the liability for the unauthorized use of software results as described above by third parties to whom the purchaser has provided such results.
3. The original purchaser may make backup copies of the software as needed, which may not be sold, rented, lent, or in any other way transferred to another person or organization. Any attempt to defeat the software protection system incorporated into the software is forbidden.
4. Please note that if this software is licensed for use by or on behalf of a unit or agency of the United States Government, this license agreement still applies in full. RDS was developed without government funds at private expense and in all respects is proprietary data copyrighted solely to Daniel P. Raymer.