The Raymer Manned Mars Plane (RMMP)


If national governments and certain billionaires have their way, humans will reach Mars sometime in this century and set up permanent bases. Eventually they will need a way to get around. This paper describes the conceptual design and analysis of a manned Mars airplane configured for exploration, research, cargo transport, photography, and the linking of multiple settlements.

Design development is being done by an international team of volunteers based on the configuration concept developed by lead author Dr. Daniel P. Raymer and incorporating rocket propulsion concepts suggested by James French.

A two-man vehicle was developed based on overall requirements similar to the capabilities of the classic Jeep of WWII fame, namely a crew of two plus cargo to a total of 500 lbs, carried at least 260 nmi. It is assumed that the flight control system will be capable of fully autonomous operation when desired and that when carrying humans, they need not be trained pilots. VTOL operation is assumed due to the deplorable lack of paved runways on Mars.

Results to date indicate that, with sufficiently advanced technologies, such a manned Mars airplane should be feasible. The configuration presented herein seems viable (existence proof) and has certain desirable features but future trade studies may find an even better design.

Raymer's AIAA SciTech 2021 paper:

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RMMP Volunteer Team Reports:

RMMP Volunteer Team Renderings:

Aviv Levy

Jean-Francois Clavreul

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